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Linen garments

Knitted linen garments change when you wash them. Because of that, my linen garments are always pre-washed. The first wash is also the time that I shape the garment into its right form. When linen garments are wet, they twist because linen yarn is spun when wet. They will untwist as they dry. Linen garments don't shrink, but they may contract when washed, especially if washed in a very full load. You can easily iron the garment to regain its original shape. Always store linen garments off the hanger, laying flat or loosely folded.

Care and washing
Wash knitted linen garments on the short wash setting at 40 degrees Celsius (warm). Pull gently on the garment when still wet, then lay flat to try and iron.

For all other linen garments make sure to not overload your washer as this can result in undesirable pleats. I suggest wetting the garment before putting it in the washer.

Detalj av lintröja med tuppmönster
Sydd linjacka med kant i stickat lin
sticka linnetopp
Linjacka och kjol med fickor Stickad lintopp och omlottkjol Stickad lintröja med scarves

Linen garments

Knitted linen makes for extraordinarily soft and light clothing. I make knitted tops either in two-color patterns or simple one-color lace stitching. My newest addition is a thin cardigan that ties in front. Three colored scarves create a fun effect, but my scarves are also available in one color. I also make linen skirts and jackets that coordinate well with my knitted tops. Sizes range from S-XL, but my garments are also available in custom sizes.


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