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About Kerstin Rosengren

Kerstin Rosengren

In the footsteps of our mothers

When my grandmother was young Mother Elise taught her how to knit
When my mom was young her mom taught her how to knit
When I was young my mom taught me how to knit
When my daughter was young I taught her how to knit
When my granddaughter is young my daughter will teach her....
For generations the textile legacy has been handed down from mother to daughter.


In Glemminge in southern Sweden.
I was born in the city of Malmö and have a degree in Fashion Design. I have received a Journeyman´s Certificate in the profession of knitting Issued by National Assiciation of Swedish Handicraft (SHR) Society, and the foundation for the promotion of crafts. I am a member of ÖSKG (East Scania Artists Society). Member of Konsthantverkscentrum.
I have been knitting by hand since i was 5 years old. I bought my first handknitting machine in 1990.

I make all my garments, from the conception of a design until I have finished the garment. I make garments that are unique and never identical. My garments are in beutiful colors, and of designs that can be worn by anyone.

I only use natural materials, such as wool and linen of best quality. My inspiration are the textiles from southern Sweden: All the weavings made by women a long time ago. These weavings carry with them a big part of our history, with influences from the Viking Age. I combine the old patterns with my own designs and ideas, as women have done in all times.


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